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+44 (0)121 616 3460







Why Contractors Choose Paramount

Whatever your reasons for contracting - flexibility, experience, earning potential - at Paramount we can help you make the connections to make contracting work.

Our seasoned recruiters are trusted by life sciences businesses to fill roles in the UK, across Europe and around the world. We’ll find you the short or long-term assignments that match your skills, experiences and working preferences, and we’ll even brief you and help you prepare for client meetings and interviews.

To tell us about the kind of role you’re looking for, Register your CV or call +44 (0)121 616 3460.

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What’s in it for me?


You will be given a number of options that match your experience, and have the opportunity to decide when ideally you would like to start, how many hours a week you can make yourself available and where you would like to work. Some contracts will even offer the opportunity to be home based for example, Medical Writing, and some SAS programmer or Clinical Research Associate roles.

Financial Rewards

Contracting can be highly financially rewarding. Many people choose to contract purely to increase their earnings potential.

Gain Wider Experience

Contracting may give you the opportunity to work with various companies and to expand your knowledge of different therapy areas. Choosing to work as a contractor can often enable you to gain more broad experience much more quickly than you would do in a permanent role, as well as offering opportunities to acquire new skills and become familiar with new technologies too.

Overseas Opportunities

Many of our clients operate both in the UK and the rest of the world – giving you the opportunity to undertake contract work in a country you’ve always wanted to experience. These projects can range for short term to longer term contracts. There are of course a number of considerations when working on contract overseas –  Our consultants can provide guidance on where to obtain all the relevant information you will need.

Short term availability

There may be times that you are available for a limited period of time, contracting can offer you the opportunity to work for the time you have available.