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Bioinformatics Jobs / Genomics / IT

At Paramount Recruitment, we have worked with the leading organisations for bioinformatics and genomics for 14 years. In this time, we have developed the passion and knowledge of this field that allows us to provide the best possible services to our candidates.

What skills do I need to work in bioinformatics?

The international Human Genome project, which concluded in 2003, has provided an unprecedented opportunity for understanding the human genome sequence and the genetic basis of illnesses. The vast amount of information produced is currently being analysed to determine ‘errors’ in the code that provide markers for specific human illnesses and to identify possible diagnostic tools and treatments. If you have the right skills, a job in bioinformatics or genomics could provide you with nothing less than the chance to make a difference to the future flourishing of humanity.

Working in the bioinformatics field

Bioinformatics involves the development of tools and methods to analyse, among other things, genomic information. Those working in this field will develop computational models to aid sequencing and to annotate genomes and their observed mutations. This can be used for everything from understanding the development of diseases in humans, to considering evolutionary processes and the genomes of other species. One of the most compelling applications of bioinformatics is to develop treatments for human illnesses and genetic disorders.

To excel in these types of roles, you will generally have a background in biology, computer science or statistics. In the first instance, you will have an MSc or PhD in biology, genetics, or sequence analysis and prior experience working in bioinformatics roles. In this case, you will have knowledge of DNA sequencing, protein analysis, and genetic expression, or related fields.

However, if you have a background in computer science, your experience could help you to develop computational tools that provide access to, store and manage the sequencing information. The most useful skills for this will likely be expertise with scripting languages such as PERL and Python to deal with large amounts of data. You may have an MSc in bioinformatics, but if you already have relevant, in-work experience – for example, developing computational tools for financial data – this will be invaluable.

We also recruit expert biostatisticians

To develop statistical measures and algorithms that analyse the genomic data. To apply for these roles, you’ll need to be educated to MSc level or above in bioinformatics or biostatistics and have prior experience in this field.

If you have these skills, we would be thrilled to help you find your next job. We are very proud of our experience working with bioinformaticians in genome annotation, sequence assembly, comparative genomics, drug discovery and development, and in medical diagnostics.

The nature of bioinformatics jobs in the UK

At Paramount Recruitment, we work with research organisations and medical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, in the UK, Europe and worldwide. We are pleased to offer our services to candidates at all levels, from PhDs or MScs to senior management roles. In most bioinformatician jobs you will be working as part of a cross-disciplinary team and have excellent communication skills in English.

For more information on available jobs in bioinformatics, call the team at Paramount Recruitment today!