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Paramount Recruitment is an independent recruitment consultancy based in Birmingham. Established in 2003, the company has gone from strength to strength, and is now a leading recruiter in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, medical device and scientific communities in the UK and Europe.

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Brexit: The Potential Impact on UK Science


Modern science, perhaps more than any other sphere, benefits from open, interconnected networks of knowledge and of people. We continue to pool larger subject samples, to share more data, and to seek the expertise of specialists across a veritable pick 'n' mix of labs.

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100,000 Genome Project

100,000 Genomes – The Future of Diagnosis and Treatment


Until recently, almost 95% of the human genome was neglected by medical research.(1) Despite completing the full genome map in 2003, researchers were sure that only the coding genes – that active 5% – played any role in disease. The full gene sequencing that once took 13 years can now be done in a day, however, and it is only with this leap in technology that the enigmatic 95% has come in to focus.

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Jobs on the Move – Adapting the Mobile Application Process


For those in search of employment, the job application process can become second nature. Certainly, according to a recent article by Indeed (1), applicants are focusing less on dedicated 'job seeking' time, and more on a constant readiness to apply throughout the day, as new opportunities arise.

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